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Do you have a favorite brand for your scrubs, if so whats the brand?

Written by Keya Thomas — November 19, 2013


Anissa Collins:

Baby Phat and Cherokee.

November 19 2013

Genevieve Simmons:

Cherokee….the material is durable, and they fit almost any body type ;)

November 20 2013

Erin Thornton:

Maevn is my favorite brand so far. The fit is the best and so are the colors!

November 21 2013

Pamela Hediger:

Landau has always been my favorite since I became a nurse in 1998. Their prices are too high for me now..I now buy them at Walmart but have a hard size to fit me as I am large and all I see now are lower waisted and the tops getting higher and higher my fat hanges out..

November 21 2013

Araceli Jimenez:


November 22 2013

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